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School Prayer 2022-23

Please join as we all pray over the 2022-23 school year on July 30th, Saturday. We will have "Praise & Prayer" at 8:30am in the Connection Room then meet at the school's flagpole to pray at 10:00am.

In order to contact the schools for the prayer walk/drive they must be approved by the superintendent.

We are now asking you to please register as soon as possible each year so we will be able to contact your school and supporting organizations.
Please let us know below which school you are signing up to prayer walk/drive.

Then you can also join us on Facebook Live at the "Prayer at Burnt Hickory" Facebook page:
  • "Praise & Prayer" Time  8:30am
  • Followed by "Live Event for School Prayer" through 1:30pm.
Thank you for filling out the full registration below.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Number in Party:
*Please select whether you will be prayer walking in person, or from home:
*School(s) signing up for:
If praying from home, please sign-up for a 30 minute time slot. :
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